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Exfoliating Treatments

Exfoliation increases your skins ability to absorb nourishing & repairing elements & ensures greater visible results. Beauty Worx exfoliating treatments are ideal in combination with massage & body wraps or can be enjoyed individually anytime your skin needs a little ‘pick me up’.

De-Aging Tropical salt Mousse (50mins) $75

This luxurious exfoliation fills your senses for a tropical escape. The freeze dried sea water stimulates & breaks down to release negative ions of repairing & healing properties. The skin emerges smooth, hydrated & visibly brighter.

Silky Body Polish (45mins) $65

Ideal for all skins, this fabulous body polish gently exfoliates dead skin cells & improves circulation, leaving your skin feeling clean, smooth & silky soft.

Body Wraps

Wrap yourself in relaxation, restoration & emerge refreshed & rejuvenated. Our body therapies offer you a chance to address all of your body care needs including hydration, detoxify, heal & anti-aging.

Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow Wrap (75mins) $165

With 26 incredible all natural ingredients packed into a micro sphere delivery system, which helps to penetrate ingredients deeper into the skin to deliver brightening, lightening & tightening results.

De-Aging Tropical Escape Wrap (75mins) $155

This nourishing and repairing wrap helps to counteract premature aging and sun damage by delivering wrinkle smoothing and brightening benefits with Pure Vitamin A, pineapple and papaya.

De-Stress Aromatherapy Cocoon Wrap (60mins) $115

Breathe in the tranquillity as your body relaxes and stress gently slips away. Natural essential oils soothes your senses as they are warmly applied to stimulate your body’s ability to eliminate stress. Your entire body is nestled in a delightful cocoon and transported to a place of divine relaxation.


The skin is the largest organ of the human body & is packed with nerve endings. Massage works by soothing soft tissue & encouraging relaxation. Massage also aids to increase blood & lymphatic circulation leaving you feeling calm & rejuvenated.

  • 30 minute massage $45
  • 40 minute massage $60
  • 60 minute massage $85
  • 90 minute massage $120

Sabai Wellness Hot Stone Massage (30mins) $60

Our Sabai stone therapy delivers an unsurpassed mineral therapy relieving muscular, mental & emotional tension… For an utterly renewing experience that will result in blissful relaxation.

Sabai Hot Stone Foot Massage (15mins) Add to a massage $30

Targeting wellness through the reflexology points in the feet.

Sabai Hot Stone Hand Massage (15mins) Add to a massage $30

Targeting wellness through the reflexology point in the hands.

Dry Body Brushing (15mins) Add to a massage $25

Stimulates your lymphatic, nerve endings & superficial blood circulation to flush toxins & reduce swelling while ’awakening the skin’.