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Micro 'Hydra' Brasion

This machine uses gentle yet abrasive diamond tip heads to provide a deep exfoliation, combined with vacuum suction to cleanse the pore. The difference is in the next step… water instead of crystals is used with the diamond tip to ‘flush out’ the skin thoroughly, providing the deepest clean possible while cooling and calming. Perfect for dull skin, acne, congestion, texture imperfections, fine lines and pigmentation.

Micro Express (60mins) $120

Includes soothing tube mask.

Micro High Performance (90mins) $175

Includes soothing ampule with aloe and collagen fleece mask.

Course of 6 Micro Express Treatments $650

(Recommended 1 week apart for 6 weeks)

Course of 6 Micro High Performances $950

(Recommended 1 week apart for 6 weeks)