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Available Friday 24th Nov 


Illumi Facial Packages

Are you tired of dealing with freckles, age spots, sun damage, pesky vessels, and frustrating redness?

We've got the answer you've been looking for: the Illumi Facial!

Sun-Kissed Skin, Minus the Damage: Our Illumi Facial works wonders by instantly reducing the appearance of sunspots and reversing sun damage. Say hello to brighter, more even-toned skin!

Farewell, Freckles and Age Spots: Freckles and age spots don't stand a chance. The Illumi Facial targets these concerns, leaving your skin looking clearer and more youthful.

Vessels and Redness, Be Gone: Got visible vessels or redness? The Illumi Facial's advanced technology can minimize these issues, promoting a smoother complexion.

It's all about achieving a radiant, confident look, and the Illumi Facial is here to make it happen. Plus, our skilled therapists tailor the treatment to your unique skin needs for personalized results.

The Illumi Facial includes Spot Treatments for:

  • Sun Damage / Pigmentation

  • Freckles

  • Campbell de Morgan

  • Acne

  • Scarring / Stretch Marks

  • Rosacea

  • Skin Tone, Texture & Tightness

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE + 2 FREE LEDs $758

*Payment options - 6 Fortnightly payments of $125 + one off $8 payment


Buy 4 Get 2 FREE + 4 FREE LEDs $1516

*Payment option - 12 Fortnightly payments of $125 + one off $16 payment



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Dermalux LED Packages

BUY 4 Get 2 FREE $396

*Payment options - 6 Fortnightly Payments of $66


BUY 8 Get 4 FREE $792

*Payment options - 10 Fortnightly Payment of $79.20


*excluding Christmas Packs


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