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Ageing, Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Pigmentation & Sun Damage

Scarring & Stretch Marks 


Skin Texture, Tone & Tightness

65 minutes    $277

To restore firmness and tightness to flaccid skin:

- A less invasive alternative to face-lift procedures
- A less invasive alternative to eye-lifting procedures (great results in the skin above the eyes can be achieved due to natural   elevation of eyebrows as a result of healing)
• To thicken the epidermis and enhance dermal compactness
• Suitable alternative to ablative resurfacing treatments for patients with thin skin. A virtually painless and cost-effective       treatment alternative to non-ablative laser therapy (i.e. Fraxel)
• To smooth wrinkles, lines and folds: Suitable alternative or complement to injections with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers
• To dramatically increase the penetration and therefore the therapeutic effect of topical actives
• To reduce pore size by increasing collagen production around the pore (which helps to squeeze the pore tighter) and   due to increasing elastin production (which allows stretched pores to revert back to their original size)
• To reduce the appearance of scars, post surgery scars and acne scars
• To reduce stretch marks from pregnancy or due to body weight changes
• To reduce pigmentation, melasma, brown spots and lighten the skin tone
• To reduce the aspect of cellulite. Skin needling helps to thicken the skin by stimulating collagen and synthesis in the   dermal layers whilst leaving the epidermis intact. The result “orange peel” is less visible
• To improve the hair condition. Active ingredients such as Centella Asiatica extracts (vasodilator activity) along with   vitamins, amino acids and minerals restore

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