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Look and feel amazing with a manual tan by our trained therapists. We offer a range of colours that are green and violet based to suit all skin tones. Our tans have fast drying technology and contain vegan and natural ingredients, are cruelty free and Australian made. 




(15 minutes)   $50



  • Exfoliate your skin a day or two prior to getting a tan. This is so that the tan doesn’t concentrate on the dead skin. Remember to focus on areas you know you have dry skin.

  • Shave or wax a day or two prior to your tan.

  • Wear a loose dress or outfit for after the tan so that the tan doesn’t rub off onto your clothes.

  • Ask your tan technician to apply barrier cream over your toe nails & finger nails so that your nail polish doesn’t get covered by tan solution.

  • Apply tan extender to get the most out of your tan and allow it to last a bit longer.

  • Keep your skin hydrated in the days after your tan.

  • Remove your makeup prior to your tan so that your tan techy can give you even coverage on your face too.

  • Wear sunscreen, your tan will not cover you from nasty UV rays.

  • Use water to rinse the tan off for your first shower after applying the tan. Wait until the water runs clear off your body, don’t use soap or gels and definitely do not scrub.


  • Shave or wax after getting a tan as this will remove your beautiful new tan.

  • Apply moisturiser prior to getting your tan as this can disrupt the absorption of the tan to your skin.

  • Wear closed shoes after your tan, this will rub the tan off your feet and possibly leave a funny print on your tootsies.

  • Apply deodorant prior to your tan as this also acts as a barrier against the tan.

  • Avoid activities which will cause sweating for 12 hours after the tan is applied as this may cause the tan to “melt off”.

  • Avoid retinols, face masks, strips, microdermabrasion or any products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, AHAs or BHAs on your skin as this can disrupt the tan and cause it to fade.

  • Avoid any water before the development time has passed as this will wash the tan off. This applies for the rain, crying etc. It will cause the tan to run and will develop streaky.

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